Reducing Gum Exposure When You Smile

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Published: 07th January 2011
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There are people whose teeth cannot be seen due to excessive gum lines that cover some portions of the teeth. In Miami, Florida, dentists donít only enhance teeth formation and appearance, but repair gum problems as well. Dentists refer to people in this situation as having a Ďgummy smileí. This happens when either the maxillary (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) arches, or both, feature gum lines that extend over the teeth.

Having perfectly healthy and pink-colored gums is, at times, not enough to produce a remarkable smile. Even if one has ideal gum attributes, itís not pleasant to look at a smile comprised mostly of gums rather than teeth. In Miami, a procedure known as gingivectomy, or more commonly known as gum lifting, is practiced by dentists to improve gum symmetry.

The length of a tooth plays a big role in the aesthetics of a smile; however, this is affected when gums start to overlap the tooth itself. Gum lifting can also be termed as crown lengthening. It involves sculpting gum tissues and bones to shorten the gum line and reveal more of the personís tooth.

This procedure can help keep Miami veneers from being noticeable. Gingivectomy doesnít stop here, though. There are other advantages having a gum lift can give, besides enhancing the gumsí physical features. In fact, this procedure is recommended to those who currently have gum diseases such as periodontitis.

Gum lifting was originally developed to cure gum diseases, but nowadays, itís used more as a cosmetic tool. The surgery typically uses sedation to reduce pain, and a scalpel to remove the unnecessary gum tissues. The dentists must be careful enough not to damage Miami veneers if the patient has them.

Because of technology, however, advanced gadgets such as lasers are now used to aid dentists with this dental surgery. Just like when installing Miami veneers, gingivectomy also needs extremely focused light to cure the operated area. After the surgical procedure, patients should let the wounds heal over time. Regular dental check-ups are advised to avoid infection. One must also observe proper dental hygiene to avoid diseases.

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